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Photo © Klaus Jost

Photo © Klaus Jost

Photo © Klaus Jost

Extinction is forvever!

Extinction is forvever!

Extinction is forvever!

Photo © Steve de Neef

Photo © Steve de Neef

Photo © Steve de Neef

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The Shark Foundation

The Shark Foundation was established in 1997 as a lobby for sharks to actively contribute to the protection, research and conservation of endangered shark species and their natural habitats.

The Shark Foundation promotes scientific shark research and popular science projects, maintains a travelling Exhibit and informs the media and the public about sharks and their necessary protection.

Active Projects

Finished Projects

Scientific Publications


Exhibit Cities

Sharks are not threatening us, we are threatening sharks!

Sharks killed since the beginning of 2021

Shark Market Paul Hilton
Shark Market Paul Hilton
Photo © Paul Hilton

Photo © Paul Hilton

Sharks killed since you began viewing this page

Finning Paul Hilton
Finning Paul Hilton
Photo © Paul Hilton

Photo © Paul Hilton


Objective of the Foundation

The object of the Foundation is to protect and preserve the sharks and their natural habitats through its own activities and by actively supporting third parties.

In this sense the Foundation provides financial support and advice for scientific work in Switzerland and abroad. PR work, such as organising and running courses, lectures, travelling exhibitions and appearances in the mass media and the like are intended to inform a broad public of the threat to many species of shark and their environments. PR work is also intended to attract donations to fund the Foundation and its various projects.

Finally, cooperative ventures may be entered into with similar institutions and official bodies which are in accordance with the Foundation’s object.





Current Cooperations

EEA European Elasmobranch Association (EEA)

The Shark Foundation is the official representative of Switzerland in the European Elasmobranch Association.

MMF Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF)

Cooperation in the global long-term project Biology and protection of whale sharks.

Ocearch Ocearch

Cooperation with Ocearch in stress, microplastics and biochemical investigations of the White sharks in the North Atlantic.

MMF iSea

Cooperation Project to study fisheries in Greece and the status of the six-gilled sharks in the Mediterranean.

Submon Submon

Studies on the status of the six-gilled sharks in the Mediterranean (11 countries).

FFI Fauna & Flora International

Shark conservation project on the Cap Verde Islands.

Bimini Sharklab Bimini Sharklab

Biology of big coastal sharks: Lemon- and Hammerheads

Blue Planet Archive Blue Planet Archive

Formerly SeaPics. Provides us with wonderful stock photos of marine life and other animals. Especially sharks, of course.

Support the Shark Foundation in its work to protect sharks.

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